The Best Black Internet Memes of All Time

Once You Meme Black, You Never Meme Back

Best Black Memes - Roll Safe

With all apologies to dogs, memes truly are Man’s best friend. They’re there to cheer you up when you’re down. They convey your emotions when you don’t have the words. They can shut someone down or boost someone up, as the situation dictates. And best of all, they won’t hump your leg.

And if memes are like dogs, then Black Twitter is like a premier breeder, where top-tier memes are born and then adopted by the masses, allowed to run free and bring pleasure to everyone in the world. Just don’t let them lick you on the mouth. Here are some of the best memes ever from Black Twitter…and from regular Twitter, but with black people in them.

#17 My Momma Said

My Momma Said is a photo of a young Cardi B with hand on hip in a precocious manner, inspiring people to imagine her blurting out demands or boldly revealing sensitive information with the knowledge that her momma's got her back.

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Written by Montego Bae


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