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Personality Quiz: Which Obama Are You?

Everybody loves the Obamas, but which member of the former First Family do you most relate to?

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    In high school, I was…

    • A star athlete
    • Student body president
    • In the A/V club
    • A cheerleader
    • Expelled
  • Question of

    What do you usually post on social media?

    • News articles
    • Inspirational thoughts
    • Pictures of myself
    • Pictures of anyone but myself
    • Golden Girls erotic fan fiction
  • Question of

    A perfect date night would be…

    • Dinner at a nice restaurant
    • Hamilton tickets
    • Clubbing
    • Netflix and chilling
    • A gently used blow-up doll
  • Question of

    My favorite way to keep fit is…

    • Soccer
    • Basketball
    • Zumba class
    • Taking selfies
    • Drowning kittens
  • Question of

    In a group situation, I…

    • Take the lead
    • Keep quiet
    • Try to find common ground
    • Have fun
    • Commit mass murder
  • Question of

    For fun, I…

    • Travel
    • Surf the Web
    • Watch movies
    • Play sports
    • Worship Satan
  • Question of

    Do you smoke?

    • Yes
    • No
    • When no one’s looking
    • Only to look cool
    • Only when it’s weed
  • Question of

    If I was in a movie, I would be…

    • The action hero
    • The sex symbol
    • The director
    • The writer
    • The bootlegger
  • Question of

    If my co-workers ask if I want to go out after work, I say…

    • Yes!
    • I don’t really want to, but OK
    • I’ve got too much work
    • Who else is going?
    • Only if I can smell your hair
  • Question of

    My biggest flaw is…

    • I’m a perfectionist
    • I care too much
    • I try to please everyone
    • I’m overzealous
    • I’m an undiagnosed sociopath

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