Kids Meet A Real Opera Singer

Meet Angel Joy Blue

We don’t talk about opera that much, ’round these parts.  But this video popped up in my Facebook feed and got my attention.  Young, African-American opera singer Angel Joy Blue seems to be lighting up the opera world.  She’s performed in over 35 countries in just THE LAST 6 years, is fluent in two languages, but can sing/understand 5 more. It’s funny when the little girl asks her if she’s a princess, to which Angel asks her, “do I look like one?”  The girl’s answer that she looks like one, but doesn’t “remind her” of one, is hilariously honest in the way that kids have.  The girl then fishes Tiana out of her memory, for a last minute save. LOL. I guess we need to some work on getting some more black princesses right?  Except, I’ll bet princesses will be going out of style, just as we get another one – like fur coats. LOL. (Hey wait – I didn’t get my turn yet. You had betta not throw red paint on this coat.)

A native of Los Angeles, where she attended Los Angeles County High school for the Arts, she’s a second generation singer (her father was a singer, and apparently her first vocal teacher). She went on to get her Master’s Degree in Opera Performance from UCLA.  She appears to be most famous in England, as she is often a host for the BBC (British Broadcasting Company.)

She also studied at the Palau de les Arts Young Artist Program in Valencia, Spain and at the Canadian Vocal Arts Institute in Montreal.  She tells two little boys that she’s “not famous”, but she seems to be doing pretty darn well. In addition to regular performances, her biggest legacy may be her “Sylvia’s Kids Foundation” that she founded in 2017, that awards a scholarship to an inner city youth as they go to trade school or college.

Visit Angel Blue at her website, follow her on Twitter, Instagram, or for more information about Sylvia’s Kids Foundation please visit

For any opera aficionados, here’s Angel’s 2018-2019 performance schedule below:

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